Return Policy
What is KhareedoMobile 7 Days Return Policy ( KhareedoMobile Promise ) ?

The KhareedoMobile 7 Days return is like no other in Pakistan. We have lived up to peoples expectations every time since the past 5 years and made sure that no one walks off with a faulty product . We live in a smart phone world where smart phones usually have smart problems and this can happen to you no matter where you are in the world. Manufacturing defects is a possibility and living in Pakistan where unfortunately you are aware that the local market vendors do not even offer a single hour return warranty hence the situation can get a little ugly at times. We made sure that customer gets what he deserve and that is a proper working brand new product and he has his money worth so you can go on and be part of the positive feedback about us . We don’t just give you an hour to check but a whole long 7 days so you can be could be sure that what ever you have paid for is of the highest quality.
Please note that the 7 days checking and replacement time applies when 1 year of KhareedoMobile warranty is purchased in the order. In case of no warranty, KhareedoMobile still facilitates 24 hrs of checking and replacement time. Additional charges apply for 1 Year of KhareedoMobile warranty.
How to claim it ?

Very Simple! Just email us at info@khareedomobile.com along with your ordernumber and we shall have it replaced at the earliest
Also, you can login into your account on our website and file a return request with your order # which contains the item for which you want to claim the warranty!
Return & Refunds ?


Click on orders under “My Account” and get the order number which contains the item for which you want to claim the warranty!

Click on “Return Form(s)”

Select the product you want to return and select an option from the “Return Reason” and “Return Action” fields.
You can further specify about the issue by mentioning the reason for returning the product in the “Comments” section and click on “Submit Return Request”
Once done, you shall receive an email in your registered email inbox which will contain your Return ID # and verification of your return request being received on our end after which our support staff shall contact you over the phone within 24 – 48 hours and will update you accordingly!
Whats happens if my 7 days have passed ? ?
In such a situation all you need to do is just send us over the product for repairs as your product would be in 1 Year KhareedoMobile Repairs warranty and we shall fix it up for you for free for a whole year long !
Warranty & Returns
KhareedoMobile offers two different types of warranty, depending on what the product is and what was stated as per policy at the time of purchase.
KhareedoMobile 1 Year Service Warranty?
We at KhareedoMobile will always work hard to solve any problem you might have with one of our products. We have an in-house certified technical team working on your products round the clock at our Karachi office. We offer a one-year limited warranty on Brand New Mobile Phones and other products at KhareedoMobile whose invoice has a order number mentioned as that is used to claim warranty with us.
All Brand New Mobiles Phones being sold at KhareedoMobile can be bought with or without warranty and the one under 1 Year khareedoMobile Mobiles Service Warranty shall cover the “Software” & “Hardware” faults the unit develops in the corse of usage of your phone during the first year.
We in no way replace your phone in case your phone malfunctions and this warranty is only covering repairs cost which is labour cost to repair the phones. If any components are needed to be applied all costs are translated to the client before applying any fix and if the client agrees only then we proceed. The labour cost aspect of the job is totally covered from KhareedoMobile end when the phone is bought with our year long warranty plan.
KhareedoMobile keeps the right to disapprove any warranty claims based on things like if the product is damaged, altered or modified as a result of misuse, abuse, or attempted repair or customer re-work. If the product is unable to be repaired under the service warranty then no replacement unit would be issued as it includes repairs only.
Dead Phones are not covered under KhareedoMobile Repairs warranty but however an attempt is made to recover the phone and if the unit can not be repaired then no replacements shall be given to compensate the loss as this is merely a repairs warranty given to you at a extremely reasonable price so you save thousands in repair jobs in case that you may have to face any in the corse of your usage.
Our Famous KhareedoMobile 7 Days Replacement Policyy?
It’s the warranty that changed the way online shopping was being done in Pakistan. We are not just the trend setters but the first store in Pakistan to have a fully functional Returns policy and most importantly made other stores follow this trend in order to confirm the safety of our & other customers across Pakistan.
KhareedoMobile has a full one-week replacement policy for all our products so you can be sure that the product you have purchased online has no manufacturing fault or defects. If any issue is reported within a week via email at info@khareedomobile.com or by calling at +92-335-0388423 then your product shall be replaced right away.
All Physical faults are to be inpected at the time of purchase and they are the ones which can be visible but claims for scratches, dents shall not be entertained in our 7 Days return policy and only the issues that can not be spoted are to be covered. You are requested to check your product before you pay for it in the case our staff is making the delivery.khareedomobile.com
If you are getting your delivery from a Courier company *e.g. (TCS)* and they do not let you open the flyer then you can report about any such issues on the day you get the delivery via call or email.
Please note that items must be in an unused condition and contain all the original tags and packaging (if any). If removed then the packing for the replacement phone shall be removed to adjust for the replaced phone.
Making a Warranty Claim
Before contacting Support, be sure to check different forums using google for the issue you are encountering, as it helps in most cases If your problem is still not resolved, call our Support Team at +92-335-0388423 or via email at “info@khareedomobile.com”. If we are still unable to resolve your issue, and a warranty replacement is deemed necessary, our Support Team will provide instructions for sending back your unit for replacement or repairs.
Once the product is received, khareedomobile will at its discretion, ship a replacement to you postage/shipping paid. If repairs are requried we shall update you withi 10 days when we receive your phone on our end. All returns must include a Return Request Number (RRN) number, which you can request/lodge by logging in to our website using your account and under “My Account Section” and filing a “Return Request” from your completed orders.
KhareedoMobile reserves the right to send you a replacement product that is the same or of a similar style, or a substitute equivalent that may not be of like kind (depending on availability). Replacement products will be furnished only on an exchange basis. Replacement products are warranted as above for the remainder of the original applicable product warranty period, dated from the original date of purchase
There will no warranty if there is any backfire or any issue from power supply.
There will be no warranty of panel.
Buying a product with “No Warranty?
If you are buying a product on KhareedoMobile without any warranty than also you will be getting KhareedoMobile 7 days Replacement Warranty and we would like to assure you that the same level of quality goes into checking these products as it does for the ones in 1 Year warranty by HSN. If your product is out of warranty and you still wish to get it fixed with us then we would be happy to do it for you but for that the cost of repairs needs to be paid by the customer.

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